Many pregnancy traditions and practices in the eastern part of Asia are extremely helpful and can only enhance the health of the mom and the baby-to-be. And, yes, there are many superstitions that had originated from those regions that do not need to be followed because no scientific evidence has ever pointed to any of those superstitions having any truth to them. However, the pregnancy practices that come from eastern Asia that the western culture should adopt are amazing practices and let’s go over – of them now:

Staying Low Key – It is no secret that living in a fast-paced environment only brings stress and tension. This is unfortunately what those in western cultures are used to. They are used to living a hustle and bustle lifestyle and this is what adds a lot of stress and tension, and for any mom-to-be, this lifestyle can be quite detrimental for a variety of reasons. In fact, it is known that being stressed while attempting to get pregnant can cause fertility problems. And, pregnant Asian women do not get stressed so easily because they live a low-key life, and they have practices put into place which will only help them stay calm. And this is one trait that westerners should adopt.

Eating Plenty Of Sesame Seeds – Sesame seeds are a common ingredient in many Asian cuisines, and this is something that westerners should be eating more of during pregnancy. Sesame seeds are loaded with powerful nutrients that are essential for the baby, and it is loaded with DHA which is brain food for the developing baby. Sesame seeds are also rich in B vitamins, as well as vitamin C, E, and folate. Eating sesame seeds daily will only provide the best for the unborn baby.

Squatting During Labor – It is a known fact that labor brings pain, and any mom-to-be is aware that labor will not be fun but first-time moms have no idea of what they are really in for. This is why they will need to know about the best positions to be in while they are in labor, and pregnant Asian women stay in the squatting position while they are in active labor which is the best position possible. And, this is one useful tip that westerners need to know and to use.

Eating Fish – Many western pregnant moms are hesitant to eat fish during pregnancy due to the fact that fish is notorious for having high mercury levels. However, there is plenty of fish around that is safe to eat in moderation that have low mercury levels such as salmon, trout, halibut, and most seafood. However, salmon has the best source of the powerful nutrients that the baby needs such as Omega 3 DHA fish oils which are essential for the unborn baby’s brain and eye development.

Resting After Delivery – After moms give birth in the western culture, they are up and about, and unfortunately, maternity leave in the US is not generous as moms can only stay with their babies for 12 weeks before they have to go back to work. In other countries such as Canada, maternity leave policies are a lot more generous as Canadian moms can go on maternity leave for a year to 18 months. But Asian moms that have given birth are encouraged to rest and stay with the baby to bond.

Sticking To A Few Small Meals Instead Of Large Ones – This is the one tip that anyone can benefit from whether they are pregnant or not because it is a lot healthier to do so. However, this is a practice that Asian pregnant moms stick to, and this may be a result of the fact that sticking to smaller but more frequent meals helps with digestion. And, pregnant moms in the western world would benefit from this as well instead of eating 3 large meals a day.

Eating High-Quality Foods Instead of Large Quantities – In Asian countries, you never hear the expression “eating for 2” because it is known that pregnant moms only need a few extra hundred calories per day in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, and will choose the most nutritious foods in smaller amounts. Whereas, in the western world, it is also a known fact that convenience foods are chosen to be eaten in larger quantities which are not usually very nutritious. With these Asian 7 habits that westerners should be adopting, then they will end up being healthier, especially when it comes to pregnancy.

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